Why We’re MMAD About Science! Volunteering at MSSEF

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Supporting science education and STEM at all levels is so important – it helps to increase interest in science, scientific literacy and stimulate interest in pursuing careers in science.

This past weekend was the 64th annual Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair (MSSEF).

Attendees and Projects at the MSSEF

A Snapshot of Attendees and Projects at the 2013 Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair

MSSEF programs have advanced science literacy and inspired new generations of science and engineering leaders for over 60 years.  MSSEF’s efforts in support of “real-world,” inquiry-based learning impact thousands of students each year across the Commonwealth.

Through our Millennium Makes a Difference (MMAD) employee-based program we have participated in the MSSEF for many years. Employees from across the company have spent time being volunteer judges at the MSSEF event and with students. Students enjoy their interactions with the judges, who not only understand their projects, but can also assist in improving the research.  Aside from the students themselves, the judges play an important role in the success of the science fair.

“Several Millennium employees have being science fair judges with MSSEF for more than five years — some for as long as ten,” said Ellie Tishler, MSSEF’s Director of Development. “Millennium is a major advocate of STEM education, and for over a decade, the company has been a highly valued MSSEF sponsor.”

David Sedlock, Millennium’s Sr. Director of Research Systems has been volunteering as a judge for about 7 years. “I always find this to be a very rewarding experience both for me and, I can tell, for the students who are participating. I do this because I enjoy giving back to the community. I was fortunate growing up to have support for my interests and educational opportunities and feel that, if these students want to take the time to commit this effort, we who have gone before them owe them our encouragement and support.”

Brendan Raftery, a recent addition to Millennium in the Commercial Quality Ops group commented on his first time as a judge – “I had no idea what to expect, but overall judging at MSSEF was a very exciting and rewarding experience. The hardest part was scoring each project; they were all so impressive!”

Students at MSSEF

Students at MSSEF

“If we want progress to continue in not just cancer research, but in all STEM-related areas, we need to make sure that we are inspiring kids to pursue careers in our industries. This is why participating in events like MSSEF is so important to me – I want to make sure that our future is as bright as possible. Ask yourself, who will be working at Millennium in 20 years?”

Thanks to our voluteers David Sedlock and Brendan Raftery and MSSEF’s Ellie Tishler and Carrie Schluter

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